My Top 5 New Year Resolutions for African Americans

1.  You Are What You Think All Day Long
You have the power to choose. Think good and good follows. Think evil and evil follows. Choose happiness and abundance. The law of life is the law of belief. Greatness is only attained by the constant thinking of great thoughts. No amount of education, reading, or study can make you great without thought; but thought can make you great with very little study.

2.  Your Desire to Be Rich
God put us all on this earth to something special. Do the thing you love to do, for the joy and thrill, and you will be rich. Of all the many powerful inspirational books that I have read about money, wealth, and stories how the rich became wealthy, “do what you love” was always their number one answer. “Time” is life’s most important commodity, so the more time and effort you spend during what you love can significantly increase the chances of your providing a new product or service that enhances society.

3.  The More You Give the More You Will Receive
This is a hard one for most people to digest. We now live in a society where instant gratification is of the essence. Most of you will pleasantly surprise to know that the secret of success is usually awarded to people who give more than they are looking to receive. We are not just talking about giving money. You can give your time, volunteer, intern, usher in church, babysit, etc. You get the idea. You can have it all if you give more of yourself!

4.  Change Your Mindset
The rich thinks differently than other groups. We should study and learn as much as we can in what they do. Distinctively, the very poor tend to think day-to-day; the poor tend to think week-to-week; the middle-class tend to think month-to-month; the rich tend to think year-to-year; and the very rich tend to think decade-to-decade. The primary goal of the very poor and poor is survival; the primary goal of the middle-class is comfort; and the primary goal of the rich and very rich is freedom. Your attitude does determine your altitude. You can have it all if you just change your mindset!

5.  Increase your Financial Knowledge
Those of us in the African American communities across this land spend well over 90% of our disposable income in communities other than our own. Our buying power is over $1 trillion. But where is it? It surely isn’t in our communities. We should look to acquire as much financial knowledge and wealth building strategies as we can. Enroll in a financial literacy class, attend financial seminars, read financial magazines/newspapers. There are probably classes in your neighborhood. Take advantage of them. You can have it all if you increase your financial knowledge.