JRV Wealth

With Black spending power increasing every year — in fact, recently surpassing $1 trillion — and a GDP (gross domestic product) equivalent to being the 16th largest country in the world, there should be reasons to be optimistic about African American wealth. Surely, with data such as these, many would conclude that blacks in America are doing quite well. But we know that is simply not the case.

African Americans have made tremendous strides in just about every industry in America. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians, religious leaders, athletes, entertainers and scientists. However, a primary stumbling block for this demographic is money management. The most significant concern when meeting with millennials, pre-retirees, small business owners, seniors, and baby boomers in the African American market is that they are inadequately prepared for retirement because of the severe lack of savings/investments. Most of them have never acquired basic financial management skills and are worried that they may not have enough money to live comfortably in their retirement days. Many of them have never been taught basic fundamental financial strategies.

JRV Wealth was created because of you. We are a 100% owned and managed African American financial planning and investment advisory firm based in Philadelphia, PA. Our objective and mission for the firm is that we hear you, we’re listening, we know what you’re going through. We are in existence because we know we can help. And I also know you can do this! You can build wealth, send your children to college, build a sound retirement portfolio, understand the world of money. We understand who you are and what your financial concerns are –  because we’ve been where you are. Allow us to help you build wealth, become entrepreneurs, learn the language of wealth, and alleviate poverty in our communities.

Welcome to JRV Wealth Management Group, LLC!