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What Are Your Chances of Becoming Rich?

A Powerball winner in California won a drawing back on October 11, 2023 for an estimated $1.765 billion. You and I know that the probability of hitting the lottery is very slim to none - but someone has to win, right?


Since we’re on the subject of money, I want to share this post with you today.


There was a study conducted back in the 90’s that tracked 100 people over a 45 year time-period from age 20 to age 65, to see how the average American ends up financially. Not surprising, these numbers still hold true today.

1 Person - Rich

4 People - Financially Independent

5 People - Still Working

28 People - Dead

62 People - Dead Broke

By having access to the internet these days, things are a bit better and these numbers may be slightly off, but they’re close to the same.


I want you to think about the fact that in America, one of the richest countries that has ever existed on the face of the earth, about 5% of the people do well financially and 95% of them do not do so well.


Those numbers are scary and you may wonder what category are you in? If these numbers still hold true, you have a 5% of making it financially and a 95% chance of not making it.


However, as long as you have time on your side, you can increase your chances to succeed. 


What category are you in?

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