Are You Sick and Tired of Being Broke?

Tired of feeling like you are never able to catch up on your bills and living paycheck-to-paycheck? Are you close to retirement and don’t feel as though you saved enough money? Do you have too much debt and don’t know how to get out of it? You are not alone if some or most of these concerns effects you. In fact, the single biggest concern most people have about money is running out of it. Unfortunately, many people seldom reach the point of financial stability. Although it is somewhat rare today for most of us to be in the position to never-ever have to worry about having enough money, again, but it can be done. A major solution is to increase your financial knowledge. Working with an experienced financial professional who provides financial educational seminars/workshops to help you better understand money management in addition to helping you prepare a personal financial plan for you and your family would be an ideal start.


African Americans and Financial Literacy

Most of our clients are attracted to us because of our commitment and obligations to enhancing the financial knowledge and personal wealth of those in the African American communities. Unfortunately, the African American and Latino communities are often neglected and underserved in partnering and conducting business with various financial institutions. The significant need for financial literacy is paramount. Just looking at a few stats of African Americans in the U.S., we are the world’s biggest consumers spending over a $1 trillion annually – enriching other societies and cultures but leaving our communities penniless; we have the highest number of people living in poverty; and also maintain the highest unemployment numbers of any race. These are just a sample of some of the concerns which are at epidemic proportions. Our mission is to help improve these conditions.


How Are We Going to Help You?

This website was designed for you in that you will have access to financial information and communication that we hope will help you understand the importance of money management and your finances like you have never experienced before. If you reside in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware areas, you may want to take full advantage of our 8-week “building wealth” and “entrepreneurship” classes (“Sick of Being Broke“) that we offer twice a year (Fall & Spring). There are no comparisons to attending a live class as you will not only learn how to build wealth but we will actually take you by your hand and apply the strategies. You will see it, do it, and be empowered! We have also created a blog in which will provide you with a rich source of financial educational topics and subjects that we feel will help you become a better investor. Feel free to check back with us occasionally for the latest updates on our financial classes and blog posts.


Working With an Independent Fee-Based Financial Planner

We, at JRV Wealth Management Group, LLC are proudly honored to share our wealth of financial knowledge and experience with you. Our interest stands in line with your goals. We provide personalized ongoing financial planning and investment management services to individuals, families, retirees, soon-to-be-retirees, self-employed professionals and small business owners.


Become a Client

Interested in becoming a client with JRV Wealth Management Group, LLC? If so, it’s really easy. Give us a call or if you are ready to get the process started, schedule a FREE consultation with us today.



Our pledge is:

To offer our clients unbiased advice not influenced by company’s or products, and will provide our clients with superior client service; To retain the confidence and trust of our clients through our total commitment to honesty and integrity; To consistently demonstrate our declaration to professionalism and excellence in everything we do; To communicate a sincere, caring attitude toward every client; To always place our client’s financial well-being above our own.






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